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Welcome To Bali:2 Community

Selamat Datang, Welcome, Sugeng Rawuh, Horas

"Welcome to the Community Bali2 ... Bali2 Community is an online media that is formed on the basis of togetherness"

The main purpose of this blog we made is to unify chaters kongkow who often hang in the room Bali: 2. As the container assembly as well as the nampang (do not just simply typing diroom or VC's, ask for a webcam but never nongolin face). We believe many are already familiar in the room but never knew his face.

In addition, this blog also serves as a place to know each other and share, which would meet (times aja never been met in the room because the place and time constraints), a place to share all that can be shared in the virtual world (information, vent, etc.).

This blog will continue we developed in accordance with the times and adapted to the needs of all of us. If you care about this blog, love advice and criticism, so we could clean up for the continuation of this site.

We come from different regions, tribes and different religions, but we try to unite. By not considering the background of it all. So ... STRICTLY PROHIBITED debate or alluded to some semblance of racial intolerance here. If you do not agree with this reply ... We cordially invite you to leave this place.


An Institute of Social ....
Caring is not easy matter. That's because everyone has different ways of thinking, a different perspective in seeing things. And unfortunately, most ways of thinking and point of view to start with (if not to say centered) from itself, or group themselves.

Therefore, the care it takes the process. The process of learning to accept that every person is different, learn to appreciate differences without being judgmental, and learn to understand diversity as a means to establish rapport with others. The process is also of course need a sacrifice, which somewhat depends on the willingness of self, willing to learn.

Concerned that's not the case easy. But the matter is beautiful, because with care, we can live. Even by the due care, we do not perish and become extinct.

Let's take care of each other ... .. and still had fun chatting on  BALI 2.

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