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Chat (Conversation Cyberspace)

What's Chatting?
Chat Online Chat said ordinary or official language of conversation on the Internet. but more popularly known as Chat or online chat. Regular chat refers to all forms of Internet communication, but specifically refers to text-based conversation between two people even more Internet users (conference or chat room). Usual chat software like mIRC, Yahoo, Camfrog, and others as you wish and the community.

How to Chat?
How to chat is not difficult. Depending on your needs. In this technological age chat is not something that is very difficult. Internet network were scattered everywhere, like hotcakes. Internet is not a luxury item. Even had become their daily needs. Oh yes, chat is usually always relate to the Internet network. If you've read this post, make sure you know what the Internet network, so I no longer need to examine more deeply about the Internet.

As I described above, the chat is not difficult. The company has been providing telecommunications services into mobile devices (mobile phones / HP). HP camera and 3G or HP price above Rp. 500.000, - already equipped devices (features / facilities) internet. Making it easier for users to berchating ria. Depending on you, whether you want to enter the chat software into your cell phone. Examples of Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular software of this nature to communicate (chat) with people outside your residence. Good friends, friends, boyfriend, lover, husband / wife when far apart, even if there affair. (heheheheh).

How the hell Chatting in the Community?
Yahoo messenger chat in providing community features. For example according to the State, Religion, Culture, and even shopping, or looking for entertainment.
Chatting in the community that many do. You can pass your gang of friends, probably due to a case, your gang dispersed and distant places, you can make a community chat. The trick is easy, go to Yahoo Messenger (YM) you, contact your friends, invite your friends to make a conference chat (CF). CF carried out at least 2 people, could be more appropriate number of your friends. It's easy ... nothing is difficult.

How to Chat on YM Chat Room?
CF and chat in the Chat Room YM almost the same way. The difference is you do not need to create new communities, that do not need to make room CF. You can just join the chat rooms provided by YM. You can just choose, not based on the regional (state), Hobby, or entertainment (adult content).

Why I entered the chat room as foreign?
That feeling of you who says so. Chat room basically foreign. Depending on you, whether you are an aggressive person or passif. Try it if you are logged in the chat room to start a conversation, for example, love greetings, introduce yourself. Just follow the flow of conversation in a chat room. It's easy. What is important to remember one thing, WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATIONS enter the chat room.

TIPS and TRICKS known in the chat room?
TIPS and TRICKS in fact did not exist. But it all depends how you carry yourself in a conversation in a chat room. That said, what's your motivation?.

But I will try to provide an experience for you'll be known in a chat room. (sorry do not make it a benchmark ok, because every person is different ways)

Maybe you are a newcomer or more commonly known as the newbie ... Do not hesitate to join in a community chat room .. Never be afraid to join. In the virtual world we are all equal. But we must still respect each other. Maybe start from scratch hard ... do not worry. I will describe in 2 (two) ways.

First Positive mode - Need Patience:
1. Introduce yourself should not be monotonous ... make your introduction is interesting as possible but do not forget the love greetings.
2. When entered in a chat room, you try to listen and learn about what is being said (what the topic)
3. Try to join the conversation flow in a chat room, for example if'm kidding, just kidding participate. But still relaxed ok.
4. Create your YM ID as attractive as possible so friends chat amazed to see (eg ID dice if any).
5. In typing or slang word "font" make your writing specialties, such as your font color and no glare interesting to see, do not forget your font size no more than 13pt and no less than 6pt, because if a large or more than 13pt will most likely your ID to IGNORE the same people who do not like big fonts. Your writing so not unreadable dong each other, right?
6. If you start typing, just type the words that polite, meaning Be courteous to one another
7. If you are a woman to the chat room (in this case the Bali Regional Room: 2) try to use webcams or Headsead for gender verification, this is just to make sure whether you are a woman what is not.
8. Try to invite someone chat with two or PM (Private Chat) may roughly do you think he'll get you introduced to other friends. But remember, stay polite and do not be mistaken PM ok.
9. On just typing in the room, because doing the chat room if just enter your ID alone, then do not enter the room, but remember not GAJEBO aka Unknown Boooo.
10. Just be patient .... because time will tell.

Both are Alternative Short:
Tips and Tricks to these two very powerful way to find popularity in the chat room. You want?
1. Are you a woman? If you are a woman - entered the room, without babibu, immediately open the webcam, click here to show you (naked) in webcam - Rest assured you will be Artist Show in that room.
2. Establish a special relationship with the people you see approximately popular in a chat room, it means he's become a boyfriend - you certainly will be popular as well in a short time.
3. Be a relayer (play movie show girls in the room / play the recording webcam girls show your collection property), if his room was room for the show, rest assured you will always look to play your movie collection.
4. Be a DJ (music player) in the room, for example you just entered the room, immediately wrote to take control from the VC (Voice Chat) in the room. But remember, kolau your connection is weak, useless, you will lose .... in VC's. but if not, you will be subject to ignore or lose connection with the DJ before, hehehhehe.
5. Be a Booter, when you bot id someone, do not forget you know who you are, you must have known immediately (but usually do not want to tell his identity Booter - fear visited).
6. Let you become a freak in the room. For example typing weird, typing their own without knowing where the typing, just type in a matter of what makes people uncomfortable. Well, that way people will try to ask, "you tuh typing for whom?". But usually it is not clear as well, big kemunkinan id you will be on ignore as well. It is also useless. Since you spelled weird, or strange people ... hahahaha
7. Be a hero for kids oversleep chat rooms, for example, offer assistance and are willing to help him any, meaning that you are hero for him so, you must have known ....( this is usually rare ... but there's always hell)
8. Well, this is the most unique and most powerful, if you feel rich or really rich. Invite friends chat room meeting up. Treat Them ... Pay Them... rest assured you will be looking for and they will say "WAH YOU LIKE THAT KIND TREAT". If you do this, "WOW" let new people in a chat room, even old people in the room will be close to you, and will defend you and introduce you, if need ya, you treat those people who willingly want to be your servant. (Sycophant mean).
9. Further, I still think was ok, so what else ..... Just try one at a time .... ok ... hahaha

Similarly, tips and tricks from me. Good Success! You want to select which one ... please try ... if there is additional please ditambahin. Success yah .... ok. Uh ... Do not Forget .... When Chatting in the room ... must attach a webcam yah ... heheheheh .... let us know ....
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