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Raising the Level Blog with Facebook

BALI DUA ONLINERaising the Level Blog with Facebook. We can not deny that the presence of Facebook is very important to raise the rating or visitors to our blog. Facebook is one social networking site that is very popular nowadays. Although facebook is basically created to establish friendship relations between the friends who are far apart.

Usefulness of facebook was not just upload status and chat. Facebook is very multi-functional. You and I can use facebook to promote your blog. Thus visitors to the blog we will be increased.

Raising the Level Blog with Facebook

Remember one thing, that our aim is to create a blog so that people (both friends, new acquaintances, and even anyone in the world) to read or look at our blog. The question is how to promote your blog through facebook?

The steps we have to do Increase Blog Visitors with Facebook is:
1. Upload status of friends on Facebook to include a link to your blog.
When we've made a post on the blog, try to copy the link on your facebook. Use language that makes friends in Facebook friends interested in the link you copied earlier. The meaning is, the link must not copy, but the paste is an interesting languages, such as: Good Morning, afternoon, or evening, this very beautiful day, I wanted to complement your life blah blah blah (write with your link). Try the reader is comfortable with the status of your link.

2. Use the page on facebook.
One facility is facebook favorite pages. This page usually berhungan closely with like or dislike. Create a page that I find interesting to favored people. The more who likes pages that you created, are likely to see your blog will be greater. Since you own the control page. Every wall on your page try to copy the link to your blog.

3. Join the specific group on Facebook
Group on facebook highly variable. Group or group goals vary depending on the owner of the group. When there is a group of bloggers try to join. Because you can promote your blog on the group, and besides that you will get either input or suggestions of additional sciences unknown. If you join a different group, always friendly to members of the group, and try to always permit if you want to promote your blog. If allowed, a little creative.

4. Ads on facebook
This last alternative. You have the desire to promote the use facebook ads please. But remember, advertising on facebook is charged. Matters concerning the advertising costs in accordance with your agreement with the facebook. The advantage that you get, your blog address can be visible to others outside of your facebook friends.

Ok guys, so first of the tips from this blog with Facebook Increase Blog Visitors. Hopefully you get something from this blog entry. Remember, take advantage of the free facebook facilities. Good luck. Greetings Blogger

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